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  • Apple's iCloud Web App Updated with Shared Reminders

    The Cupertino California company continues to expand the iCloud web app which has recently added the ability to share reminders with others. Previously, Apple added Notes and Reminders to the web app but missed out on allowing the option to share reminders – a feature that has now clearly been added.

    This functionality was already provided to Mountain Lion users on its Mac platform via the built in Reminders app. For those of you who prefer to use the Windows operating system, this is something that was unavailable until now. One thing that continues to remain a bit strange is the fact that the ability to share Reminders is not available for iOS 6 although we imagine this to be part of a future update. No time frame has been provided for such a feature though as of yet.

    If you want to share a reminder, just log in to your iCloud.com account and go to the Reminders app. On the left side menu, when you hover over the Reminders section, a Wi-Fi signal image should appear and when it does, click on it. You’ll be prompted to enter the email address of the party you wish to share the reminder with, upon doing so you will successfully share the reminder.

    How many of you plan on taking advantage of the feature?

    Source: iCloud
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    1. Cmds187's Avatar
      Cmds187 -
      Nice if we can do it thru the reminder app on phone
    1. pichito's Avatar
      pichito -
      I will definitly be using this feature... I was reading on this, and the capability existed before and it was removed for some reason. I wanted to share a grocery list with my wife. i have since then downloaded Grocery IQ which workes great and pushes notification and even ties in coupons... i guess my only complaint is i cant use siri to add stuff to Grocery IQ... it will be nice to just say "Siri add shaving cream to the grocery list" and bam, my wife has it on her phone.