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  • Gameloft Continues the Teasing With Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

    Back in late September we showed you Gameloft’s teaser trailer for their new title Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The game is a sequel to the popular iOS game, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour will be available this Fall for iOS and Android devices.

    Today, Gameloft posts more teasers about the game in both the form of screenshots and in video. The screenshots show of the awesome graphics in the new game from the perspective of battleground, vehicles, and point of view. The video is a developer diary that explains much of what Gameloft has done to improve game play in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and they even explain some the techniques for making the game. The video:

    Part of the reasoning for the better graphics has to do with additional polygons and new graphics engines. The video also takes you behind the scenes, showing you how they produce some of the gaming animations using motion capture technology. It is interesting to see how such gaming hits are produced.

    Gameloft claims that they have sat back and listened to a ton of user feedback to make Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour the best game they have ever made. They have "beefed up" the story line by allowing players to play as both the good guy and the bad guy in campaign mode. It is also mentioned that the game play is randomized each time you play a level, so you will never see enemies in the same place more than once.

    Another great new feature includes tactical movement, which lets you move around the battlefield more freely without being so limited by barricading objects like we are in a lot of other first person shooter games.

    Apart from the aerial view screenshot above, Gameloft has also posted other screenshots on their Web site, which we will share with you below:

    Gameloft will be releasing another developer diary very soon, so stay tuned.

    Thanks to the graphics power of the new iPhone 5, we can expect the game to run as smoothly as butter. Mobile gaming sure has come a long way. Are you excited to grab Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour?

    Sources: YouTube via Gameloft
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    1. gmpv's Avatar
      gmpv -
      wow look awesome !
    1. Anonymous's Avatar
      Anonymous -
      I'll be getting it if it goes down to a dollar. I got the third one which is awesome.
    1. Jarolin Vargas's Avatar
      Jarolin Vargas -
      this game will look amazing on the iphone 5
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Will have to check this out for sure.
    1. rcm's Avatar
      rcm -
      When will they make a console version?????
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by rcm View Post
      When will they make a console version?????
      Probably never lol
    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -
      those graphics are crazy for a portable.
    1. spoon's Avatar
      spoon -
      Console version would be Call of Duty. Lol.
    1. Anonymous's Avatar
      Anonymous -
      Quote Originally Posted by rcm View Post
      When will they make a console version?????
      As mentioned, you should definitely check out: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Counter-Strike, etc.
    1. kline1's Avatar
      kline1 -
      If the price is right FAX yeah ill buy it./\
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      Impressive graphics. Which I could use a Bluetooth controller to play it thought. I suck at touch.
    1. kalpesh78's Avatar
      kalpesh78 -
      the death of handheld gaming devices...
    1. regkilla's Avatar
      regkilla -
      Gameloft stepping it up. FIFA 13, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, now Modern Combat 4.