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  • iPad Support Arrives For Dropbox 1.2

    Dropbox 1.2 has arrived, and with it comes iPad compatibility for the hugely successful and widely utilized file-sharing and online storage app for the iPhone. Best of all, the version rolled out Monday is universal, so iPhone users already in possession of Dropbox can tap into the new-found iPad compatibility just by updating their app.

    Especially sweet is the fact that both iPhone and iPad versions of the client can now enjoy on their iPad virtually everything that they could on their iPhone. Brand spankin' new for the iPad, however, is the capability to export PDFs - and other documents - from the Dropbox app into other applications.

    It should also be noted that iPhone and iPod touch owners will experience improved landscape compatibility via the Dropbox 1.2 update.

    Incredibly, a lot of folks still aren't really familiar with Dropbox, which - in a nutshell - is a stellar online cloud storage and file-sharing service that serves up 2GB of free storage space to individuals who sign up for the service. Beyond that, a variety of pricing structures are in place for those who need additional storage capacity. But the free iPhone OS client lets you access your stored content easily and efficiently from anywhere and share them with whomever you choose - even people who don't have - or "get" - Dropbox.

    Haven't gotten the update yet? What are you waiting for? Dropbox 1.2 is available now... and for free. It does, however, require an iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 (or later) and an iPhone running iPhone OS 3.1 (or later).
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      For those that don't have dropbox and want it. If you are invited you get an extra 250MB free as well as the person that invited you. For anyone that wants to sign up and get the extra space here is an invitation link from me.


      edit: Forgot to mention that you must install the desktop application before they give you the extra 250MB.