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  • Dashboard for iPad - Another AppStore Reject Finds a Home

    Rich Hong made a pretty sweet Dashboard implementation for the iPad.

    Except Apple rejected him from the AppStore. You know, for "contradicting the iPadís user experience." Well, that's a new excuse, right? So what to do now?

    Ah, right - the iPad is jailbroken. Rich sent us Dashboard this afternoon, and it's live on the ModMyi.com Cydia repo now - iPad only.

    It's pretty close to Dashboard for Mac, although it IS it's own app - so you need to tap an icon to launch it. Ok, no problem. There's even an option to "add more widgets" which opens Apple's widgets section, and Rich has figured a nifty way to install those into Dashboard for iPad when you click the download link. Of course, they don't all work on the iPad, so you're on your own there.

    And it's free.

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      Dodgers123 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Spamdumpster View Post
      Anyone try to install this on an iPhone?
      I got it running on my 3Gs with no problems. All the widgets coming with the app work as expected. Some widgets off of Apples site work and others don't. I just installed via Cydia to see what happened and it actually works beautifully on such a small screen, and theres no lag, either speed - or memory wise. My phone uses a bit more battery than usual when the app is running, but not dramatically. There are some minor quirks because the screensize is what it is. The widgets doesn't always remember their position. But it's a fun little toy to go along with any good and decent looking Leopard theme so try it out.
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