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  • Best Tweaks of the Week 9/24 - 9/30

    Here are the best jailbreak creations for the week of September 24th until today, September 30th as per the opinion of our staff. This is a recap.

    1. ProTube 2 - $1.99

    ProTube 2 by iOS developer Jonas Gessner makes Google’s free YouTube application even better by adding the ability to download videos to your device, adding streaming quality options, and blocking all YouTube ads. ProTube 2 is built directly into the YouTube application that Google provides in the App Store – not Apple’s YouTube application, which is removed in iOS 6. ProTube 2 includes full compatibility with Bridge, so you can import media to your media libraries such as the Music application and Videos application. If you have purchased ProTube or ProTube HD after May 1st, you can download ProTube 2 for half of the price. If you’re a YouTube addict, this tweak is a great one to add to your collection.

    2. Emblem - $1.99

    Emblem is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developers Joshua Tucker and Kyle Howells that improves upon the notification system on the iPad. With Emblem, notifications of all sorts appear on the side of the screen as they do in OS X Mountain Lion. Each notification includes a close and launch button – the close button closes the notification, while the launch button opens the application that the notification refers to. Notifications will stack, making it easy to see incoming notifications in the order you receive them.

    3. Unlock iOS6 Maps - FREE

    For anyone running the tethered iOS 6 jailbreak on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or iPod touch 4G, you may be unhappy that Apple has restricted the new Maps features such as turn-by-turn navigation, 3D view, and Flyover view to the newer devices. Luckily, iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich has released Unlock iOS6 Maps, a free tweak in Cydia that will unlock these features on your older devices. It should be noted that they will not perform as smoothly on the older devices as they do on Apple’s new multi-core processors, but it’s always great to have these new features at our disposal regardless.

    4. Scale - FREE

    Scale is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developers Evan Coleman and Joshua Tucker that allows you to be more social with what you are listening to in your stock Music application. The tweak introduces a new share button to the application so you can Tweet, post to Facebook, SMS/iMessage, or even e-mail information about the song you are listening to (no, it won’t let you send the actual song – that would be bad!). This is great for any music junkies that are trying to find great songs day after day and want to share their discoveries with the world.

    5. Merge - $1.50

    If you have ever hated how messages both to and from the same person appear in different chat cells when you message them via a different phone number or e-mail address, then you need a new jailbreak tweak called Merge by iOS developers Joshua Tucker and Andrew Richardson. The tweak will merge all of your conversations with the same person into one conversation. In addition, it will tell you what e-mail address or phone number they are texting you from right next to the timestamps. The tweak really cleans up your conversations and helps keep unnecessary clutter from causing confusion.

    Stay tuned for next week's best tweaks - only on Modmyi!

    If you missed our last best tweaks of the week, you can view it from this link.
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    1. Jj2345's Avatar
      Jj2345 -
      WHat about easytunes!!?
    1. djmelee's Avatar
      djmelee -
      Scale - "no, it won’t let you send the actual song – that would be bad!"

      You can send any song from your iPod via email by using AppInfo or iFile, that's not 'bad' if you ask me.
    1. ventodivino's Avatar
      ventodivino -
      I don't understand why no one likes standard notifications. If you want to get rid of it just slightly flick it down and it will go away.
    1. aidanharris's Avatar
      aidanharris -
      After Joshua Tuckers callbar concept it's nice to see some more of his concepts becoming a reality and look forward to seeing what other ideas he has to improve iOS.

      In regards to the comment above asking about easytunes it is a very buggy tweak and although not intended for makes the illegal downloading of music possible and modmyi in no way shape or form condones piracy
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by aidanharris View Post
      Although not intended for makes the illegal downloading of music possible and modmyi in no way shape or form condones piracy
      Exactly the reason we did not touch it .

      It appears to have been removed from Cydia anyway.
    1. TrueSimple's Avatar
      TrueSimple -
      Unlocking iOS maps seems promising.