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  • iPad USB Audio Via Camera Connection Kit?

    Though it's a completely unconfirmed rumor at this point, sources are saying that the long-awaited iPad Camera Accessory Kit will support USB audio. Based on a post to a public mailing list maintained by Apple for audio developers and some second-hand reporting, the Creative Digital Music blog is saying that the Camera Kit - which is essentially a USB adaptor for the iPad's dock connector - will support the USB audio device class protocol. This would allow the iPad to connect to a whole range of Audio Class-compliant devices like USB speakers or MIDI musical instrument controllers.

    Most USB interfaces do not support USB Audio Class without custom drivers, and generally an interface box is required. Direct support for Audio Class through the Camera Connection Kit might indicate that Apple is thinking about marketing the new device to high-end audio designers. In addition, the USB Audio Class supports USB telephony, and so this could potentially allow the use of USB voice modems with the iPad, with supporting (read: jailbroken) software.

    It's not known at this point, of course, what USB devices will work with the camera Connection Kit, if any will work at all. But the existence of a standard port seems likely to enable a range of uses for the iPad, whether envisioned (or supported) by Apple or not.
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