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  • Coming Soon: 'Bad Piggies' By Rovio

    Rovio's Angry Birds – either you love it or you hate it; maybe their constant redundancy has more-so caused you to hate it. Rovio has tried their hardest to make the blockbuster game better by unleashing constant updates to the game, offering holiday versions of the game, and even bringing the game to outer space. If this wasn’t enough for you, try this: Rovio is getting ready to unleash a new game called ‘Bad Piggies.’

    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear a title like that? In Angry Birds, you played on the birds’ side, so does that mean in Bad Piggies you would play on the piggies’ side? Yes – you would. Bad Piggies will put things into perspective of those pigs, which you’re so used to beating up with birds, for once. View Rovio's trailer for the game below:

    Fast Company reports that the game will be different than that of Angry Birds by a long shot, regardless of having the same characters and story line. You will be building and using "vehicles and contraptions" in order to snag those eggs that you are used to winning back from the pigs in Angry Birds. Obviously since you're playing as the pig this time, your goal is just the opposite of that in Angry Birds – stealing the eggs to win the game.

    Bad Piggies will be available in the App Store for 99˘ as well as in Google Play for Android devices. The game will also be coming to laptop and desktop computers including that of Mac OS X and Windows machines. Rovio's teaser site even indicates that the game will be Windows 8-ready and Windows Phone-ready. Unfortunately, Rovio has not publicized any videos of the game-play yet, but it’s likely that Rovio will toss out another teaser closer to its release on September 27 of this year.

    With the iPhone 5 unveiling happening September 12th, this might just be one of the first games you download on it!

    Sources: Fast Company
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      Hmm not so sure... Will be Interesting
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      Should be interesting
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      i like the concept, very fresh while still being linked to the angry bird's game that spawned it
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      Think I'll pass on this one.
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      Hahahahahahaha......Funny video ....
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      Video is funny. Its gonna be an interesting one. Can't wait to play