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  • iTunes U Updated With Note-Taking, Other Useful Features

    With todayís digital launch of OS X Mounain Lion from Apple, the Mac App Store also has seen an explosion of software updates. The updates donít appear to be limited to OS X Mountain Lion users, as it appears iTunes U (free from this link) from the iOS App Store also gets a nice little update to version 1.2 that will benefit most users of the application.

    The application now comes with a feature that allows the user to take notes during a lecture. The feature is available universally for both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions of the application. The notes feature is something that should have obviously been a feature from the beginning as taking notes is an essential part of learning inside of any course. In the past, some users of iTunes U may have taken notes by hand or used the Notes application.

    In addition to taking notes, the application now has a much better search function that has been improved to allow the user to search within from posts, assignments, notes, and materials from any of your subscribed courses. Searching can save the user time from having to navigate through their information manually.

    The final major feature that we see in todayís iTunes U update is the ability to share your courses with friends over Twitter, through e-mail, and via text message or iMessage. In case you have any friends that share similar interests with you, this share feature could help you gain study partners that take the same course as you so you can work together instead of alone. Apart from that, it works great for just letting your friends and followers know what iTunes U can offer.

    The update is free just like the application itself is. You can grab the update from the App Store right now.

    Sources: App Store via iClarified
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