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  • Apple Projected to Sell 69 Million iPads Before 2012 Ends

    The total number of iPads sold for 2012 may approach - or possibly even top - 70 million units. At least that's the projection that comes to us this week from leading analyst Rob Cihra with Evercore Partners.

    On Monday, reports surfaced that Cihra slashed his projected PC sales for 2012, adding that traditional computer sales will continue to drop and likely prove 4 percent lower for 2012 than they were in 2011. Cihra says the ongoing PC downfall is due to consumer preoccupation with tablets.

    "PCs now need to compete both directly/functionally and more so indirectly (for discretionary spend/mindshare) against 'thin client' architectures/ecosystems," Cihra told investors Monday. In the final analysis, Cihra thinks Apple will control at least 60% of the tablet market before 2012 ends, which isn't bad considering the onslaught of competition coming from every direction today.

    Based on Cihra's latest estimates, Apple will sell at least 69 million iPads in the calendar year of 2012. Ahead of next week's earnings report from the iDevice maker, the prominent analyst also estimates that Apple sold 16.5 million iPad units in the June quarter. If accurate, that would represent a 78 percent year-over-year sales spike.

    Source: Wall Street Cheat Sheet
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    1. BhadKarma's Avatar
      BhadKarma -
      People don't need to keep buying pc's ... They buy one and upgrade on it. No duh sales go down, people are smarter when it comes to building pc's
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      hank197857 -
      69 million minus one.
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      Mrteacup -
      Those pervs
    1. BhadKarma's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by hank197857 View Post
      69 million minus one.
      = 68,999,999
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      Whoa 20 million!