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  • Greenpeace Tepidly Comes to Apple's Defense on Green Technologies

    As MMi has consistently covered this week, the Cupertino California tech giant has been blasted by officials in San Francisco in response to its decision to remove its products from the EPEAT environmental rating program. The city was so incensed that an effort is underway to pull all Apple desktops and laptops from municipal agencies there.

    Apple subsequently responded to the outrage by stating that it takes a “comprehensive approach” to making environmentally-responsible products and that Apple products "are superior in other important environmental areas not measured by EPEAT."

    Incredibly, despite being blasted by the organization in the past, Apple is getting some unexpected support - although tepid support at best - from the folks at Greenpeace, who assert that Apple has, indeed, made progress on going green.

    "Apple’s clean energy policies have significantly improved," a new communication from Greenpeace reads, but Apple still has a long way to go before Greenpeace is fully satisfied (an eventual outcome that is dubious at best). "Despite a welcome commitment by Apple in May that its data centers will be coal-free and powered by 100% renewable energy," the report reads, "the analysis reveals that Apple still lacks a plan that outlines a realistic path to eliminate its reliance on coal to power its iCloud."

    Nonetheless, progress is progress. And Apple seems to be making laudable strides toward going green. But only time will tell if Apple's commitment to pro-environment technologies will pacify the company's most ardent critics over the long haul.

    Source: Greenpeace
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    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Apple made big donation to green peace lately?
      Apple could have stayed EPEAT and make improvement but Apple pulled out, Apple needs to own up to its own decision and quit looking for excuses like a little girl.
    1. tongxinshe's Avatar
      tongxinshe -
      Before pulling out, I guess Apple did try to persuade EPEAT tweaking the "easily disassemble by anyone" requirement. To my observation, it's not that Apple doesn't want to be green, it's that Apple wants to earn money from recycling any products it designs.
    1. cgfusion's Avatar
      cgfusion -
      Maybe Apple was also looking out for the consumers as the strict guidelines add $$$$ to the price tag. I'm sure Samsung, Motorola and all Apple's competitors are none better. Save the Earth? We have more to worry about than pollution folks.......
    1. pcrussell50's Avatar
      pcrussell50 -
      since there are not yet any financiallly sustainable, green energy sources, the only way to use them and not go broke, is to have people willingly, (or forcibly), overpay. the first one depends on fad and fashion, which eventually goes away, and the second requires criminal totalitarianism. apple is smart enough to know they are in situation number one. I pray that we don't vote ourselves into situation number two.
    1. Norb's Avatar
      Norb -
      Quote Originally Posted by unison999 View Post
      Apple made big donation to green peace lately?
      Yeah they made huge donations to green peace called "a huge solar farm".

      Apple to build America's largest private solar farm - Tech Talk - CBS News