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  • Application Update in Mac App Store Adds 'Retina graphics" Support

    WWDC banners are going up, specualtion is swirling, and the first Retina Display supporting app showed up in the Mac App Store this morning.

    The Next Web spotted the slip in the updated description of FolderWatch. The app was updated today and listed under the "What's new" description is “Retina graphics.” Discovering a simple app that syncs and mirrors files automatically with "Retina graphics" might not be the most significant proof of Apple having Retina Display Macs on the way, it does support the rumors. Especially since an app like FolderWatch doesn’t particularly benefit functionality wise from including “Retina graphics.”

    However, the developer of the FolderWatch, Brother Roloff, in an attempt to ward off speculation tweeted:

    “By “retina graphics” we’re simply referring to HiDPI (a.k.a @2x graphics). We don’t know what Apple will show at WWDC.”
    The case of the early app seems to be the result of a poor choice of words on the developers part, or maybe the right choice considering the amount of traffic news has likely driven to FolderWatch in the Mac App Store.

    Currently OS X Lion supports HiDPI displays with higher resolution icons and system grahpics, but the content is locked and somewhat useless. If Apple does indeed announce retina MacBooks, MacBook Airs, or god help us, iMacs, expect Apple to unlock access to the HiDPI resources in an update following WWDC.

    Source: The Next Web [via Wired]
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      Not a huge deal....someone just wanted to build up more hype about the retina graphics.