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  • New Samsung Chief Will 'Play Ball' With Apple

    To say that Apple and Samsung have had a contentious working relationship would be an understatement. But two of the most prominent giants in their respective industry may be on a path to an improved and more cordial coexistence. On Thursday, Samsung got a new CEO. And sources close to the top say this guy will "play ball" with Apple.

    Kwon Oh-hyun is widely viewed as someone who will facilitate an open and positive working relationship with Apple, as Samsung continues to build the ARM-based processors for iPhones and iPads.

    Currently head of Samsung's components business, which oversees chips and display, Kwon cemented Samsung's position in memory chips, where it has almost 50 percent global market share, and expanded into non-memory, or logic chips, which now account for 40 percent of Samsung's overall semiconductor revenue.
    Although no one thinks Samsung will simply roll over and play dead in its patent infringement case with Apple (a case that goes to trial in a matter of weeks), Oh-hyun isn't thought to be an individual who will go for the jugular and put ego ahead of sound business.

    As a result, some believe the corporate leadership transition will lead to as much of a fresh start for Apple and Samsung as humanly possible today.

    Source: Reuters
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    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      well i think i need to tell the samsung chief that hes not a good bet.
    1. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
      TheDirtyDiddler -
      I'm sure he'll continue the tradition of following Apple's business model of "thinking different" by continually knocking off their products. After all, the Samsung doesn't fall far from the tree.
      See what I did there?
    1. G37s Jon's Avatar
      G37s Jon -
      Well... kinda hard for Samsung since it builds, don't quote me on the numbers, at least a quarter of it's component/products for the iPhone and etc lineup...