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  • Brightcove Boss Dishes on Major Apple Product, Software Developments

    As we rapidly approach WWDC next week and speed into summer ahead of major new Apple product releases, the rumor and speculation mills are working overtime these days. But every now and then, a credible player in the digital world steps up to weigh in on the future of Apple products and software in broad view.

    Far from an anonymous commentator, Jeremy Allaire - the CEO of Brightcove - has made some provocative public comments on his expectations, insight, and outlook regarding Apple's anticipated slate of goodies coming in the next six to twelve months.

    In an opinion piece published with All Things D this morning, Allaire made no shortage of interesting predictions, including a belief that Apple will soon come out with an add-on device to bestow FaceTime video capabilities and motion control to television sets.

    First, Apple will release a new Apple TV add-on product, though I expect that rather than using the current “puck” design it will instead be a thin black bar, perhaps 1 inch tall and 3 inches wide, that can easily mount to the top of almost any existing HD capable TV set. Like the existing Apple TV, it will have HDMI and power jacks on the back, but it will also include a high-def camera built into its face, as well as an embedded iOS environment that provides motion sensing and speech processing.
    Allaire also believes that Apple will release a TV monitor product that will do the same things that the aforementioned Apple TV add-on device will do. Finally, he believes that Apple will provide updates to iOS that "include significantly enhanced and improved AirPlay functionality, and where AirPlay capabilities become a more front and center aspect of the iOS experience."

    So what does it all mean for the Apple developer community? Devs will soon be encouraged to "build iOS apps that are Apple TV ready, using dual-screen features and motion user interaction, among other things."

    To read the lengthy write-up in full, click here.

    Source: All Things D
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    1. H4CK3R's Avatar
      H4CK3R -
      I'd like to see what Apple does with this, it'll be interesting.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Tim Cook really made it seem like their focus would be on the ATV and not a standalone TV with iOS. Of course he could have just been saying that to hide what they're really doing...I can see them improving the ATV, making it better, adding a camera, Siri, motion detection, and a few other things. If they keep it at $100 I think that's a pretty good deal.
    1. H4CK3R's Avatar
      H4CK3R -
      I think they would charge more. I wonder if they'll make like a separate iOS? maybe something like the existing OS.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Sounds good to me! Although i think the ATV will be an "add on" as stated above. Remember its a "hobby" not a device that is necessary for anyone. If you buy this add on in conjunction with the Apple HDTV that im sure is on its way, it will be pretty sweet to see the capabilities. With XBOX Magic Glass and Sony's new tv, table "i can control my entire house" push..Apple has current competition and needs to answer the call..we shall see.