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  • iPad 2 Leaked By Amazon.de?

    Definitely take this one with quite a few grains of salt, but there's a small chance that Amazon.de may have accidentally leaked the iPad 2 specs a bit early.

    According to the alleged screenshots, the iPad 2 will feature a 1.2 GHz Processor, Thunderbolt, and a camera. This comes on top of features of the original iPad, including wi-fi and 3G models and bluetooth None of these come as a great surprise, but we would be surprised if this is the real deal. The listing also mentions that the iPad will be available March 17.

    The link has that was sent to CultOfMac, who first posted the story, did not work once they got their hands on it, and searching Amazon.de doesn't reveal a thing, so this could all be a big fake. But it is some fun speculation on the eve of Apple's event.

    All our questions will be answered in due time. We're just a few short hours away!

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