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  • MMi at Macworld: iConnectMIDI: A MIDI Interface for iOS Devices

    iConnectMIDI finally gives iOS musicians everywhere what theyíve been waiting for, a MIDI interface for iOS devices. I got to see first hand just what this little black box could do and itís a very impressive bit of engineering. Thanks to the latest iOS update that includes the new CoreMIDI framework, multiple devices such as keyboards and drum triggers can now communicate with iOS devices.

    They had several keyboards connected to a pair of iPads and an iConnectMIDI box. Playing an iPad with a physical keyboard really makes a big difference because you feel like youíre playing a real instrument. Trying to play music on a touch screen can take some getting used to, but with an iConnectMIDI connected to your iDevice and a keyboard controller, you donít have to be limited anymore.

    iConnectMIDI has very low latency, so thereís no discernable lag time between when you press a key, to the time when you hear a note. The device is primarily designed to work with iOS devices, but you can also connect it to your Mac. It works as a stand-alone MIDI interface as well. For those of you who just love tech specs, hereís a link to the iConnectMIDI specifications page. iConnectMIDI will be available in April for $179.

    iConnectMIDI gives musicians the freedom to choose what they want to connect to their iOS devices and will surely lead to some great new music.

    Source: iConnectivity
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