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  • AT&T to Release Watson Speech Engine APIs to Developers this June

    According to The Verge, AT&T is set to release developer application-programmer interfaces, otherwise known as APIs, for its Watson speech engine this June. Upon its release, developers will be able to add voice recognition features to their applications by integrating AT&T programming calls. The APIs are set to support a variety of options including web search, local business search, Q&A, voice mail to text, SMS, AT&T's U-verse video programming guide, and a general-purpose dictation API

    The speech engine was originally meant to be deployed to mobile devices and smart TVs and provide region-sensitive accent-ware transcription of speech-to-text. The wireless carrier found that speech recognition works best when focused on specific categories, so these categories will help Watson know what types of words to expect. Overtime, the company seeks to add additional categories to help expand the functionality.

    Additionally, AT&T will also be releasing an SDK it's calling the Speech Kit. The Speech Kit will allow developers to create software that captures spoken words and sends them into a network for transcription, although more detailed information regarding the feature havenít been described. You can watch a video that details Watsonís features below:

    Integration into the iOS platform is expected so be on the lookout for offerings that utilize Watson in the near future. Maybe the release of such APIs will help change Apple's mind to release the API for Siri, something the Cupertino California company hasn't done yet (wishful thinking).

    Source: AT&T (via The Verge)
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    1. GooseG's Avatar
      GooseG -
      Hmm. The only reason I would use anything with this is so I could feel like Sherlock Holmes. If you don't get it, too bad. (or watch the movies, that may help.)
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      confucious -
      Watch the movies? A pale imitation of the books.
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      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      Watch the movies? A pale imitation of the books.
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      I have been seeing commercials..ok ok one commercial from Samsung toting their voice recognition TV's. Technology is awesome but just how good is it? Anyone buy one of these TVs? Can't wait to see FULL SIRI in the next iPhone..beta be gone haha!
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      jakson0100 -
      Nuance is already there. It’s called Dragon Dictate & Naturally Speaking.