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  • Foxconn Hiring Employees to Help Improve Factory Working Conditions

    A recent report from Bloomberg confirms that Foxconn is interested and seeking to hire new security and safety experts to help improve the working conditions in facilities that are responsible for supplying Apple products. Louis Woo, Foxconn’s retail division chairmen confirmed the job listings, which include a lifestyle manager - responsible for maintaining worker dorms and healthcare, a safety and security expert, as well as two fire chiefs.

    According to Woo:

    The lifestyle manager will be responsible for conditions at the company’s dormitories, canteens and health departments, according to the advertisement. The safety and security post requires a college degree in criminal investigation or legal- related disciplines, while the fire chiefs must have at least four years of related experience.
    This is probably in response to Apple’s decision to allow the Fair Labor Association to access its suppliers abroad with the initial result of Foxconn’s audit expected to be released within a few weeks. Apple is also said to be working with the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs and other NGOs along with the Natural Resources Defense Council in New York to perform independent audits of factories in China. All of this comes in largely due to The New York Times report, too which Foxconn announced that it would raise the wages of entry level workers. Despite this decision made by Foxconn, Auret van Heerden, the Fair Labor Association CEO said that most recent audits are “finding tons of issues.”

    We’ll have to see if Apple and Foxconn are able to get their act together regarding these issues. It will just be a matter of time until the results for the audits are in, which will end up revealing the whether the companies were successful or not.

    Source: Bloomberg
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