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  • Apple Hires Several Korean-speaking Lawyers to Aid against Samsung

    As the patent battle between Apple and Samsung continues, the Cupertino California company has reportedly hired 73 contract attorneys and 20 reviewers of Korean-American descent to go through the growing amount of Korean-language documents provided by Samsung. According to Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents, the contractors will be going through the large number of untranslated documents provided by the South Korean company.

    Morrison & Foerster and WilmerHale, the firm tasked with defending Apple against Samsung patent attacks, submitted documents to the ITC declaring that the Korean-speaking recruits have agreed to be bound to a protective order needed for the firms to share documents with the new hires. The firm filed the declarations of 72 Korean-American contract lawyers and 20 document reviewers that will allow them to take part in the litigation. In addition to cross-contracting six of the lawyers and two reviewers, Morrison & Forrester, also hired a separate Korean-American attorney to help with Apple’s patent assertions against the South Korean company.

    It was noted that not all of the hired lawyers may necessarily have backgrounds in patent litigation but that some were hired merely for their ability to read and speak Korean. The move to take on the temporary staff stems in part from Apple’s claim that Samsung has at times presented hundreds or even thousands of Korean language documents in an untimely manner. According to Apple, some of the papers were being received a day before deposition and thus were impossible for lawyers to analyze in preparation for testimony. This move will help prevent such a situation from occurring again.

    As for now, the legal battle between the two companies (Apple and Samsung) will continue with perhaps a more even playing field.

    Source: FOSS Patents
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    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      Add that to the jobs Apple is creating!
    1. Agent929's Avatar
      Agent929 -
      Typo in the first sentence. Should really proof read this stuff.
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      rockyseay -
      More overseas jobs. Typical Apple.
    1. NegativeBeef's Avatar
      NegativeBeef -
      Quote Originally Posted by iLoveWindows&iPhone View Post
      Add that to the jobs Apple is creating!
      Is that to compensate for The Jobs they lost?
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      Quote Originally Posted by TechnoUniversity View Post
      More overseas jobs. Typical Apple.
      More like typical America.