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  • Apple Tops 2011 Mobile Sales with iPads and MacBooks

    According to a report by NPD DisplaySearch, Apple was the top mobile PC vendor for the fourth quarter of 2011 (as well as the rest of the year) if you consider iPads to be a part of the mobile PC category. The statistics from the report reveal that Apple shipped almost 23.4 million MacBooks and iPads with over 62.8 million for the entire year. Furthermore, the NPD numbers show that almost 80% of the Cupertino California company’s total sales consisted of iPads (18.7 million in the fourth quarter and 48.4 million for all of 2011).

    NPD’s analysis for the fourth quarter of 2011 showed that when considering tablets alongside with notebooks, Apple has a 59.1% of the market share. One of Apple’s direct competitors, Amazon, shipped an estimated 5.3 million units of the popular Android-powered Kindle Fire during the same time period. This resulted in Amazon having roughly a 16.7% market share for the same quarter.

    If you take a look at notebook computers only, HP was the clear winner with 8.7 million notebooks sold in the fourth quarter. In the notebook only category, Apple was in fifth place behind many other PC makers such as Acer, Dell, and Lenovo with only 4.6 million MacBooks being sold. According to NPD, the numbers for notebooks were flat for the fourth quarter while the year-over-year showed that sales were up about 11%.

    Source: NPD DisplaySearch
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