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  • Apple Sales Surpass 1 Million iPads in Samsung’s Home Turf of Korea

    Everyone knows the iPad is dominant in the tablet market, including being more popular than its Android counterparts. According to The Korea Herald, Apple is estimated to have sold more iPads than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab even in the competitor’s home market of South Korea.

    It has been said that the iPad 2 drove sales to roughly 700,000 units sold in 2011 alone in Korea and sources in the industry are saying that the actual number could possibly be much higher. Many consumers bought the device through unmonitored channels before its official April 29 launch in Korea. Samsung typically doesn’t release sales numbers but estimates place the iPad market share somewhere between the 70% and 80% area for the region.

    Further statistics reveal that two of every three iPads which are currently sold in Korea are WiFi models, indicating that users are unwilling to pay monthly carrier fees for the 3G data speeds. It is being speculated that many are holding off for a 4G network connection before jumping onto a non-WiFi model, which is rumored to come with the soon to be released iPad 3.

    The iPad itself saw a 111% increase in worldwide sales from December 2010 to December 2011, with revenue jumping up 99% during this time frame. Samsung on the other hand is said to have sold a fraction of the total 11.2 million tablets sold globally last year. This isn’t much of a surprise as it isn’t the first time that an Apple device has outsold a Samsung product in Korea. Even the iPhone 4S pre-orders of 200,000 overshadowed a three day Galaxy S II sales total of 120,000 units just last November.

    This is all of course while the two companies have been battling one another in the courts over various lawsuits with the latest lawsuit being the fight over autocorrect.

    Source: The Korea Herald
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