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  • iPads Being Tested for Entertainment and Ordering Purposes at Buffalo Wild Wings

    The popular restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings is expanding a pilot program where their customers place orders for food and drinks via an iPad right from their table. Now for those of you who haven’t had a chance to use the iPads in a Buffalo Wild Wings place, you might be thinking about how gross the iPad may be with all those greasy fingers touching the screen. Don’t worry though, the iPads are protected in rugged cases from Hubworks and have already been tested at a location in Toronto. The company now seems to be expanding their testing to a restaurant in Minneapolis. This information as all confirmed by Tim Murphy, the director of international business for Buffalo Wild Wings, who spoke to Computerworld.

    According to Murphy, Buffalo Wild Wings is “trying to use the technology to enhance customer experience. People are familiar with iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets, so this would enhance that.” In addition to being able to order food and drinks, the iPads also enable customers to check their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as play games. Buffalo Wild Wings currently has a total of 830 locations worldwide so this move could potentially help spread the idea to various competitors in order to compete.

    The restaurant chain hopes to determine whether the iPads would be better use d for entertainment or for ease of purchases through its pilot program. If entertainment becomes one of the primary uses, it is quite possible to see the company beginning to sell advertising to display on the iPads. By allowing customers to order from an iPad, the company will be freeing up restaurant staff to do other tasks such as promoting food or drinks, or interact with guests more. The case from Hubworks has a built-in charger into its protective case, giving the iPad 12 to 15 hours of battery life and it will also be featuring a credit card reader for authorizing transactions.

    Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t the first to use the idea of a high-tech menu by including an iPad. There have been several other companies who have done the same. It seems to make sense as having an iPad on the table would hopefully lead to better service and some entertainment for the bored (usually children for those who have them).

    Source: Computerworld
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    1. TOT_tomdora's Avatar
      TOT_tomdora -
      That's interesting. Too bad I don't like buffalo wings; otherwise, I may want to go check it out.
    1. Spyruf's Avatar
      Spyruf -
      its a sports bar so they should also have the sports games playing on the ipad's that would be nice too
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      Shoulda patented the idea when I had the chance and trolllll