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  • Autodesk Announces Inventor Fusion for Mac

    Autodesk was one of the many companies at Macworld showing off a new product for the Mac called Autodesk Inventor Fusion. The software is an existing 3D mechanical design software on Windows but will be soon become available for the Mac for the first time. Architects, engineers, and many others who own Macs will soon be able to use the software without having to use Bootcamp, a virtual machine, or another computer altogether.

    Autodesk made headlines back in 2010 when they returned to the mac platform after two decades of not supporting the operating system. Due to the success they have seen with their existing Mac products, the company has decided to bring over Inventor Fusion to the Mac. Autodesk has also released a free Technology Preview for the program which allows interested Mac users to download an early version of the software and provide feedback. The final release will come at some point later. Inventor Fusion is meant to be an easier to use tool focused on mechanical design which incorporates physical properties of objects.

    Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion is 3D modeling software that showcases intuitive direct manipulation capabilities for unrivaled ease of use. By uniting direct modeling and parametric workflows, Inventor Fusion offers the best of both worlds. Designers can freely explore complex shapes and forms while maintaining the underlying parametric history. Inventor Fusion makes it easy to open and edit 3D models from almost any source and incorporate them into your design, enabling rapid design changes without limitations.
    You can watch the overview of the software below:

    Amongst the traditional set of features, the software will include seamless cloud access for storage, collaboration and web viewing. For those of you who are interested in the release of the software, Autodesk has a Facebook page set up for Inventor Fusion and is planning on making any announcements regarding the software there.

    Source: Autodesk
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    1. stevelucky's Avatar
      stevelucky -
      Autodesk was one of the many companies at Macworld showing off a new product for the Mac called Autodesk Inventor Fusion.
      There were many companies showing off Autodesk Inventor Fusion? That seems like a problem.
    1. dennder's Avatar
      dennder -
      One word:

      Shame they still don't want to go with Inventor Pro (as stated on the forums by the officials - not that many clients for the effort, for the time being).

      P.S. The video you've attached is for windows version of Inventor Fusion, which is available already for quite some time.
      Here are links to the previews made by autodesk, i'd kindly ask you to update the headline.
      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 3