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  • Apple Wows in Introduction of iBooks 2, iBook Author

    On Thursday, Apple joined the debate as to whether physical books or electronic books are the supreme learning tool of the new age. According to Apple, as you might expect, eBooks are the winner, particularly the electronic textbook variety optimized for the iPad.

    At the company's media event today at New York's famed Guggenheim Museum, Apple executive Phil Schiller raised the curtain on iBooks 2 for iPad.

    Along with Roger Rosener, vice president of productivity applications, the Apple execs praised the role tablet computers and mobile devices are poised play in revolutionizing education. They also said it's time to remove the difficulties incumbent upon educators in engaging students, something that the new interactive textbooks from Apple can help to accomplish.

    The digital textbooks showcased at today's event, in typical Apple fashion, were impressive and demonstrative of the future. They were flashy, highly interactive with easy access to glossary items and graphics, and easy to navigate in terms of highlighting sections. Students can also take notes within the iPad while reading the text. Individualized note cards for further study even be created directly from the digital text.

    Textbooks for high schools will be priced at $14.99 or less.

    What's more, Apple similarly rolled out a new program called iBooks Author, which the iPhone and iPad maker says will enable textbook authors to easily create innovative and interactive new learning experiences with their work.

    iBooks 2, which is basically a free app that also provides access to iBookstore, is available today, Schiller said. Incredibly, iBook Author will also be free. Once released, digital textbooks will be available through the iBookstore.

    Before the close of today's event, Apple confirmed the longstanding rumor that it had, indeed, partnered with major textbook publishers (Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) as part of this new endeavor.

    Source: All Things D
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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Yup - this is certainly the future of education. I'm jealous - I had to rely on stacks of bleached, flattened tree pulp when I was a kid

      They could've changed the icon though, unless this just takes the place of the original.
    1. mutethoughts's Avatar
      mutethoughts -
      It would be nice to get all my college books for around 15 dollars on my iPad.
    1. hitman10's Avatar
      hitman10 -
      Idk... I have an iPad and I have the hardest time following Anatomy and Physiology on my iPad waste of time. What it would be good for are ACR - Ambulance Call Reports.
    1. xNEOxGENESISx's Avatar
      xNEOxGENESISx -
      I just tested out the iTunes U on my iPad2. This thing is amazing. The user interface is so simple and very easy to use. has great functionality such as allowing all the highlighted texts to be pulled to the note section, and ofcourse there's a note pad built into the the software. This thing is just amazing and although this just the first launch, I can see so much potential in our future educational systems. I've updated iBook to 2.0 but the intractable text books weren't free so couldn't test that out. After work today, I'm going to test out the iBooks Author and try to make a simple interactive portfolio to view on the iBook2. Great job apple.
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      The possibilities of interactive textbook is endless. Being able to search key works and finding them by a touch or even 3-D figures and diagrams references. Slight downside would be Facebook and other distracting apps one could be playing with in class.
    1. Feanor64's Avatar
      Feanor64 -
      yeah but man i remember when i was a kid and opening a book going to a library man getting uncanny xmen in the mail every month was so great i understand how it can be cheaper for college kids but what about reading to a kid i read to my daughter i point out the letters and help her sound out words how can u do this on a ipad and if i could i dont think i would want to it just seems kinda weird
    1. tomjtx's Avatar
      tomjtx -
      Will Ibooks2 work on a JB iPad?
    1. csglinux's Avatar
      csglinux -
      $14.99 sounds good for the consumer, but I wonder what publishers will think of this. Plus, I presume Apple is going to take 30% of that $14.99?
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Though I have iPad (1&2) I still like the feel of paper, less eye strain with books printed on paper.
      I would be able to keep my printed books for as long as the paper lasts, I understand it would be out dated after a couple years but I like to keep it as sentimental value. Don't know about you but I've lost so many electronically saved stuff, doubt I would be able to keep these books that long.

      I understand all the advantages of electronic books, if I need those special functions I prefer a real notebook over iPad.
      Will I use this? I'm sure I would test it out sooner or later, but for me it will never replace printed books.
      I guess my iPads is more of a gaming and entertainment machine.
    1. Wudstock's Avatar
      Wudstock -
      Quote Originally Posted by tomjtx View Post
      Will Ibooks2 work on a JB iPad?
      I installed both iTunes U and iBooks 2 on my JB iPhone and both are working fine. iPad "should" be no different.
    1. redstar299's Avatar
      redstar299 -
      Once again Apple changes the way we do things in our lives. From music to phones to iPads you gotta hand it to them they really innovate. I can't wait till they change TV too that should be exciting.
    1. moomoochoo's Avatar
      moomoochoo -
      In the future, all our books will be in digital format, then the sun will begin to flare on a regular basis rendering all electronic devices useless.
      (or something like that :P)
    1. Dazz187s's Avatar
      Dazz187s -
      Why iBook 2. Why not grow iBook 1.
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I would have loved my books on a iPad back when I was in school! It would have been exciting to learn and use them! No matter what I am still alive and able to enjoy using the iPad and reading books and magazines on it!
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dazz187s View Post
      Why iBook 2. Why not grow iBook 1.
      They did. It is version 2.0 now. Shows up as a update in the app store.
    1. prestone683's Avatar
      prestone683 -
      'Mr. Smith??? I couldn't do my homework.'

      'Why's that, Timmy?'

      'My dog ate my iPad...'
    1. Greatbiguns's Avatar
      Greatbiguns -
      Quote Originally Posted by redstar299 View Post
      Once again Apple changes the way we do things in our lives. From music to phones to iPads you gotta hand it to them they really innovate. I can't wait till they change TV too that should be exciting.
      Getting school books on your iPad would be AMAZING!!
      I would totally use this for almost all of my college books... Can you imagine not having to lug around all of those HUGE heavy books.
      Instead all you have to do is grab your iPad. SWEET!!
      Plus the price alone would be Fantastic and even if I didn't already have an iPad the savings on the books would more than cover the cost of the device...
    1. mrwalleyeman's Avatar
      mrwalleyeman -
      Quote Originally Posted by prestone683 View Post
      'Mr. Smith??? I couldn't do my homework.'

      'Why's that, Timmy?'

      'My dog ate my iPad...'
      Haha that's awesome
    1. Nickaroni22's Avatar
      Nickaroni22 -
      It's kind of bitter sweet, I remember when I was kid waiting every month to get Nintendo Power. To physically have that magazine in my hand was awesome. It is the future no doubt, but it wont ever replace that feeling when you got your hands on a Playboy when you were a teenage. Lol
    1. Kakalman's Avatar
      Kakalman -
      I see huge potential for this. However, I found the demonstration of the note cards to be a loose first attempt. There should be an option to categorize different note cards by color, and there should be a 'holding tank' for cards you've mastered, so that you the student can focus more on the cards with the info you're having more trouble with.
      Hopefully, with updates, it'll get there.
      Also, as someone not yet on 10.7, I was disappointed to find out that I can't download iBook Author.