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  • New Patent Reveals DVR-Like Recording Capabilities for Future Apple Television Set

    Earlier today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a series of patents that were recently granted to Apple Inc. One of these patents is an Apple TV related patent for recording episodic cable TV and even goes as far as crediting Steve Jobs as the inventor.

    As of right now, the industry expects Apple to make an entrance into the HDTV hardware space. Methods of organizing programming described in today’s patent could very well be implemented in future Apple television-related products. The folks over at Patently Apple discussed that the patent could “possibly correspond to television shows that have either been recorded from a broadcast or purchased from a content provider.” Apple TV owners should already know that recording broadcast TV shows isn’t an option available today on the Apple TV but its interesting to see that this option was listed in this 2006 patent.

    Another thing that the patent mentioned was the possibility of the Apple TV working with a cable network .The patent discussed the details for the ability for a media system to connect to a cable service provider. The patent being discussed was originally filed in the third quarter of 2006 and listed Rainer Brodersen, Rachel Goldeen, Jeffrey Ma, and Mihnea Pacuraiu as inventors along with Steve Jobs.

    The Wall Street Journal previously reported that Apple has already met with executives of major media companies to discuss a voice-powered HDTV that utilizes AirPlay and cloud DVR features. All of these features were similar to the patent published today. The news goes hand to hand with many rumors that have been floating around.

    If Apple was to release a device with these features, would you be purchasing the product? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: Patently Apple
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    1. Bryc's Avatar
      Bryc -
    1. zrevai's Avatar
      zrevai -
      Freakin sweet!!! It would be better with iCloud if movies and not just TV could be redownloaded. Also lower pricing on TV would be nice.
    1. Sionydoors's Avatar
      Sionydoors -
      Everything is tied to apple from iPhones,iPads,iMac be rude not to buy iTv but price will b a factor with the purchase of iPad 3 and iPhone already penciled in after mrs got me 27inch iMac for b/day
    1. djaquapimp's Avatar
      djaquapimp -
      Depends on the features & price for me. Being well integrated with dish's dvrs while not replacing it would be very important to me. I like my dish dvr bc I can get into the hard drive via linux and save my recordings to my HTPC. I wouldn't want to tamper with that.