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  • iTunes Match Comes to 19 More Countries

    On Tuesday, the pervasive roll-out of Apple's new iTunes Match service continued, as the company ushered in new availability for the service in 19 additional hotspots around the world.

    Although Apple didn't formally announce today's expansion, the arrival of iTunes Match was noted in the Netherlands and elsewhere throughout Latin America and Europe.

    As of today, the list of iTunes Match-friendly nations also includes: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Guatemala, Honduras, Latvia, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela.

    Despite a bumpy launch in late 2011, iTunes Match now seems to be working well in the many nations to which it presently calls home.
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    1. Daerid's Avatar
      Daerid -
      I love match, use it constantly!
    1. smoelge's Avatar
      smoelge -
      What's the difference between match and iCloud?
    1. cjori's Avatar
      cjori -
      No iTunes Match-love for Israel..
    1. goonerm3's Avatar
      goonerm3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by smoelge View Post
      What's the difference between match and iCloud?
      iCloud only stores music you purchased. ITunes match finds better quality versions of your whole library and makes the music available everywhere along with more songs.
    1. milenion's Avatar
      milenion -
      Love match with the apple TV. Dont need home sharing anymore.
    1. Daerid's Avatar
      Daerid -
      Quote Originally Posted by milenion View Post
      Love match with the apple TV. Dont need home sharing anymore.
      I wasn't aware that I could use it on the ATV2. I'll have to look into that, as I have 5 of them.
    1. sofakingstewpit's Avatar
      sofakingstewpit -
      iTunes match sucks. It consistently replaces explicit songs with edited versions and on about half my albums matches all but one song on albums that are in the iTunes store. I'm about to turn it off and restore my library from the pre-match back up I thankfully did. If you could chose to upload everything then I would happily do that because then at least I would know exactly what I had there. As it stands, I never know what version of what song will play next. Buyer beware.