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  • Apple Blasted with 'Extortion' Accusations

    Apple stands accused tonight of what is being described as an act of extortion.

    The accuser is Nuevas Tecnologias y Energias Catala, based in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia. As some will recall, this small Spanish firm actually won an iPad-related patent battle against Apple just two months ago. Now the two rivals are back at it, this time over a pretty serious accusation directed at the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

    The company now says it is taking aim at Apple by filing an indictment against the iPhone maker. The move comes in response to what Nuevas says was an act of extortion - Apple trying to stop the company from selling an Android-based NT-K tablet.

    Several industry and legal analysts, however, say NT-K's argument is a bit excessive, specifically in that "extortion" denotes a criminal offense, something that is above and beyond the shape most patent-related cases would take.

    So while it remains to be seen exactly what will come of this newest entanglement, the language being used is certainly more heated than what we've seen elsewhere in Apple's perpetual patent disputes in global courtrooms.

    Source: PC Mag
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    1. lkailburn's Avatar
      lkailburn -
      Wowzer. Where can we read more on this. <br><br>-Lukr
    1. llarsw's Avatar
      llarsw -
      Quote Originally Posted by lkailburn View Post
      Wowzer. Where can we read more on this. <br><br>-Lukr

    1. discostar's Avatar
      discostar -
      Omg the Catalans are sueing Apple? That's what happens when you don't open an Apple shop in BCN! (Nevermind that they're out of Valencia) ....STILL! (^_~)
    1. prestone683's Avatar
      prestone683 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lkailburn View Post
      Wowzer. Where can we read more on this. <br><br>-Lukr

    1. cmwade77's Avatar
      cmwade77 -
      Honestly, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to at least claim malicious prosecution (or whatever the equivalent would be for filing all of these lawsuits that Apple is filing that it knows have no chance of winning.) Extortion seems a little far fetched though, as that would indicate that Apple is demanding money, of course if they are, then it could be considered extortion and if they have said pay us $x or we will sue, then it is blackmail.