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  • Former Apple CEO John Sculley Invests In New Tech Start-Up

    If the tech world had the equivalent of VH1's "Where Are They Now?" former Apple CEO John Sculley (pictured above next to Jobs) would make a great subject for the program. On Monday, Sculley's name surfaced once again in the tech world as a result of the one-time Apple chief's financial investment in an intriguing new start-up.

    According to a report in The Boston Business Journal, Sculley - the man who replaced Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple in the 1980's - has invested in a "small, stealthy start-up" that manufactures wearable health sensors.

    The company receiving Sculley's backing is Salem, N.H.-based Misfit Wearables Corp, the alleged brainchild of Sonny Vu, a medical device entrepreneur formerly behind blood-sugar test developer AgaMatrix. AgaMatrix is known for having released a successful and popular iPhone-compatible diabetes monitoring device.

    The Boston Globe says the company's latest fundraising efforts brought in $750,000 from Sculley, Vu and AgaMatrix co-founder Sridhar Iyengar.

    Sculley, now 72, resides in Palm Beach, Florida and remains a partner in Sculley Brothers, a private investment firm now seventeen years old.

    Source: Boston Business Journal
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    1. nogggin1's Avatar
      nogggin1 -
      He never replaced Jobs, he just became the CEO, Jobs wasn't CEO until he returned to apple and even then it took time.
    1. ipod touch u's Avatar
      ipod touch u -
      I'm from palm beach florida ill be on the look out for Mr. Scully