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  • New Job Openings at Apple Hint at Siri API and Further Siri Development

    As we all knew, Apple is continuing to work on Siri, their exclusive personal assistant feature found in the iPhone 4S. This is now being confirmed as a pair of job openings for experienced iOS software engineers appear on the company’s site. According to Apple’s Siri user interface manager Dan Keen, Apple is seeking qualified people to join the team that implemented the user interface for Siri and help “make the next big thing even bigger.” Both of the posts specifically mention the Siri API.

    The company describes the iOS software engineer description as seen below:

    You’ll need to work with them to enable access to their data and behaviors, and wire them up to your implementations. As a result, strong API design is needed to keep communications ideal.
    The other job post for a senior iOS software engineer is even more specific:

    We are looking for an engineer to join the team that implements the UI for Siri. You will primarily be responsible for implementing the conversation view and its many different actions. This includes defining a system that enables a dialog to appear intuitive, a task that involves many subtle UI behaviors in a dynamic, complex system. You will have several clients of your code, so the ability to formulate and support a clear API is needed.
    A quick note, the descriptions that Apple used does not mean that the company will open up the Siri API to third parties. They could very well keep it private until they iron out the issues that give them a reason to call the software a beta. The “several clients” which access the API could possibly be a reference to external data sources that Siri taps into to deliver results such as Wolfram Alpha, Yelp, etc. The potential candidates for the positions should be familiar with Unix, “especially Mac OS X,” and display “passion for the Macintosh platform,” which may possibly be indicating that a possible Siri port for the Mac might be in the works (although the idea seems to be a bit of a stretch).

    If Apple continues to follow the trend it has set in the past, than the Cupertino giant opening up Siri to third-party apps is a matter of when and not if. By doing this, the company would be satisfying many iOS developers and users while providing them the option to utilize Siri beyond the core feature set. It would be a very big move as it would allow an endless array of features to be set, but the cons must outweigh the pros if Apple continues to keep it to themselves for now. It is expected this is the case while the software is still in beta, allowing the company to make progress and not have as many variables for any issues that may arise.

    Furthermore, Apple wrote in the Siri F.A.Q that “in 2012, Siri will support additional languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.” According to Apple’s language technologies engineer Chen Zhang’s LinkedIn profile, the work is underway to complete Siri support for the Chinese market as well. It seems that Apple is keeping to its word and updates for multiple languages are around the corner as they mentioned.

    I personally don’t see many people using Siri that often now that many of them have had their iPhone 4S for some time. Many people I know used it very often upon first receiving their 4S but that isn't the case for everyone. The Siri technology has been a huge success and a leading factor to the handsets demand (though not the only one). How many of you continue to use Siri on a daily basis? Are you excited to know that Apple is aggressively working on developing the technology? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

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    1. brianiino's Avatar
      brianiino -
      I love Siri and use it on a daily basis. If you have a 4S and don't use Siri, that's your fault. It helps me remember to call my gf when I leave work to taking out trash on mondays. Being too busy with every day errands, Reminders are very helpful! I really hope Apple makes a move to add more features to Siri, especially in carrying a conversation. Asking funny questions to Siri is very entertaining when she comments back. Apple... your so smart.
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      Quote Originally Posted by brianiino View Post
      Apple... your so smart.
      Go watch this then say Apple is still smart, fare warning it's a tad crude

    1. VaderForce's Avatar
      VaderForce -
      I use Siri throughout the day, from setting my alarm for bed to "What do i have on today?".