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  • AT&T On Pace To Set New Quarterly Smartphone Sales Record

    Despite losing its lone carrier status for the iPhone earlier this year in the United States, the nation's second largest mobile operator is on pace to post a new quarterly sales record. John Stephens, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, confirmed today that AT&T "is on track to break its single-quarter record for smartphone sales."

    Addressing his audience at the UBS 39th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference in New York, Stephens said that AT&T sold about 6 million smartphones in the first two months of the fourth quarter (that figure includes the 1 million iPhone 4S units that consumers gobbled up during the device's first five days of availability).

    The previous best quarter for smartphone sales at AT&T was 6.1 million units. But December, which has barely begun, is traditionally one of the strongest sales months of the year in light of holiday shopping. Consequently, AT&T now expects to shatter the previous single-quarter smartphone record.

    "AT&T's strong smartphone sales in part reflect a higher number of handset upgrades from customers who were waiting for the launch of a new iPhone," the carrier says, adding that iPhone 4S sales remain strong.

    Naturally, with such a large spotlight directed their way today, the folks at AT&T also managed to point out that "only on AT&T's network can iPhone 4S users download three times faster and talk and surf at the same time."

    Source: AT&T
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      AT&T=fastest current US iPhone carrier. Good to hear.