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  • Global Hard Drive Shortage Increases Ship Times for 2TB Build-to-Order iMacs

    Flooding in Thailand continues to take its toll on electronics manufacturers. The latest victim: hard drives.

    Apple’s build-to-order iMacs outfitted with 2TB hard drives now have a shipping estimate of 5-7 weeks. The global hard drive shortage hasn’t affected iMacs with sub 2TB drives, they will still ship within 1-3 days of an order. Before, the BTO 2TB iMacs usually had a shipping estimate of 3 to 5 days.

    The flooding in Thailand has affected more than 14,000 factories producing a wide range of products. More than 600,000 people remain out of work as a result. Seagate and WEstern Digital are among those manufacturers affected. According to Digitimes, In order to maintain profitability manufacturers are focusing on producing higher-capacity and higher profit models which is forcing PC makers to adopt the more expensive and increased capacity drives.

    Expect hard drive prices to spike in the coming months. For those about to make a PC purchase its something to consider, especially those prone to building their own machines. Looks like I might be building that Hackintosh sooner rather than later.

    Source: Digitimes, 9to5Mac
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