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  • Apple Announces 'Cards' Greeting Cards App

    Apple is currently in the throws of their "Let's talk iPhone" media event and so far it has been recap city, save two announcements.

    Tim Cook started the day out serving a hot plate of "stats-that-show-our-stuff-rocks" which was promptly followed up by Scott Forstall and Eddie Cue recapping exactly what iCloud and iOS 5 entail. But, Apple confirmed the dates on which both will be available, October 12th. Mark your calendars and proceed to download.

    Both will be compatible with the full litany of iDevices from the iPhone 3GS forward. But, the oddest announcement so far is Forstall's revelation that Apple is getting into the greeting card business. Yes, Apple is releasing a new iOS program called Cards that allows users to create greeting cards for whatever occasion and ship them via snail mail (USPS) to anyone in the world. Users can send cards for $2.99 mailed in the U.S or $4.99 to anywhere in the world.

    *Scratches Head*

    I'm not entirely sure about this whole greeting card thing, but if anyone can single handedly make the United States Postal Service relevant again and save them from the cold hard clutches of bankruptcy Apple is the company to put your faith in.

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    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      How will Apple keep copy right material from being used? I am sure there are a lot of copy rights on greeting cards stuff, what is to stop people using "Hallmark moment" on a card and Hallmark file lawsuit against Apple because Apple is the one that distributed the said product. Would be interesting where this goes.
    1. ewillden's Avatar
      ewillden -
      Why would anyone want to pay $3+ for beautiful paper cards, when you can get them for less than a $1 at www.iCardsRUs.com, plus a Free Trial ?!?
    1. MagicJustin's Avatar
      MagicJustin -
      I personally use www.AmazingCardSender.com for all my greeting cards. It's great, I use it for all my card needs. To say thank you, or nice to meet you, or congrats.

      I use it for my business and it's a life saver, not to mention, much cheaper than Apple's alternative. They even have a free iPhone app.
    1. Cheesey123's Avatar
      Cheesey123 -
      One word can describe this >>> FAILED
    1. Assassination's Avatar
      Assassination -
    1. powello18's Avatar
      powello18 -
      I like it, one less reason to go to a supermarket and get suckered into buying random junk food. Plus apple's products are always so easy and reliable, less stress.