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  • Apple Quietly Begins Selling 3G iPad2 in China

    Although the news is of critical financial importance to Apple, this little nugget of tech news largely flew beneath the radar this week in mainstream media reports.

    Once again illustrating the importance of the Chinese mobile community to Apple, the Cupertino tech outfit has begun selling the iPad 3G in China. This particular model is believed to be headed for Apple's new retail hot spots in Shanghai and Hong Kong, both of which open this coming weekend.

    With regard to the Chinese launch of the iPad2 3G, Apple just formally announced this version of the tablet's availability there yesterday, adding that it will be for sale in retail stores and from authorized resellers. The 3G service itself will be provided by China Unicom.

    The move is widely expected to boost Apple's iPad sales in this rapidly expanding market where Apple is growing its retail presence at lightning speed. While it's all but certain that Chinese consumers will be introduced to the iPhone 5 in the very near future, it remains to be seen if Apple will simultaneously launch the 5th generation iPhone in China in close proximity to the device's U.S. launch.

    As MMi reported Monday, J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz believes Apple might introduce a low-end iPhone 4 in China possibly before the iPhone 5 arrives in the world's most populous mobile community.

    Source: WSJ
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    1. powello18's Avatar
      powello18 -
      Let's just hope apple don't start helping groups track people with malicious intent now they're in china. Like cisco did with it's technical expertise.
    1. ofelliaB's Avatar
      ofelliaB -
      The mobile market in China is growing as much as any industry in this unusual country. App usage in China, according to one tracking program, has grown more than 800 percent this year. App usage in China growing by leaps and bounds. Apps are growing because of the number of available phones is growing and the phones running Android are going down in price. The version of Android may not be the latest, which can be frustrating to some app programmers, but it also brings the platform into more hands. Lower entry costs and wider availability are putting smartphones into more people’s hands.