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  • Apple Puts Final Cut Studio Back On Sale

    Apple does things two ways: quietly, or so loud they need to rent out auditoriums and send out invitations.

    Today, Apple decided to goal the inaudible route and put Final Cut Studio 3 back on sale. The professional video editing suite was discontinued after Apple released their digital download only successor Final Cut X. However, the "X" only marked the spot for disgruntled editors. Apple's "reinvention" of the non-linear editing program has been seen by many as a MobileMe-like backfire for the company. Not many people are happy, and the ones that are, aren't the people whose livelihood depends on professional editing software.

    Despite promises from Apple that features like multi-cam editing, and XML imports would eventually be supported, profession editors have yet to be appeased, and are even further from being satisfied. In the process Adobe, Avid, and other software companies have started running specials for peeved Final Cut editors who make the switch to their programs. Getting professional video editing software for more than half-off is a pretty sweet deal and has likely resulted in a number of editing houses jumping off the Final Cut ship.

    Well, Apple has had a enough. Apple sales people contacted by MacRumors have confirmed that Apple is again selling their Final Cut Suite for $999 by telephone only through 800-MY-APPLE. Final Cut Studio 3 will not be available in store, or online, and no new updates will be released for Final Cut, Motion 4, or any of the other programs featured in the editing suite.

    What all this means for the future of Final Cut X and Apple's non-linear editing arm as a whole is still up in the air. They could eventually turn Final Cut X into a fantastically capable piece of software, but forcing such drastic changes on a group as stingy and against change as video editors was bound to have its fallout.

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. Dazz187s's Avatar
      Dazz187s -
      As an editor. I'm disappointed by the lack of direction and passion of FCP X. Developers didn't care for it.
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      "forcing such drastic changes on a group as stingy and against change as video editors was bound to have its fallout."

      I'm pretty annoyed at this jab. Imagine purchasing the latest version of Microsoft Office or iWork, only to find that none of your old Word/Pages documents are compatible with it, and the only old files you can import are plaintext and RTF. And NO, it isn't "a totally different scenario." You and I rely on office software for school and work; professional video editors rely on professional video software for their jobs as well.

      Anyway. If there's one lesson for developers to learn here, it's "never ever rewrite software 'from scratch' unless absolutely necessary."
    1. dhamien's Avatar
      dhamien -
      Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
      "forcing such drastic changes on a group as stingy and against change as video editors was bound to have its fallout."

      I'm pretty annoyed at this jab.
      I'd just like to +1 on this comment. The problem isn't that the changes were drastic, it's that some things simply do not work and can not work with the new version. The article writer's way of putting it suggests that all this debacle is because of editors simply not liking the new software, which isn't true. The software is indeed the problem.
    1. viperstarpoint9's Avatar
      viperstarpoint9 -
      Not many things make me post comments. However this is one of them. When i attempt to open an old FCP 3 project I can't open it in FCP X. This is a huge problem for production companies as it meas they either have to start over from scratch or reinstall the old FCP 3. In both cases there has been a loss of productivity, time, and money. Not to mention the potential loss of Clients. What FCP X is just a bloated of FCExpress. This is not they way professionals work. Adobe and Avid both know this every time they update their programs i have not once had an issue with backward compatibility. Call us stuffy and an willing to change? No we embrace change look at the redcam and its popularity. However stopping our work flow with an update that just sucks for every one.