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  • Not All Thunder Created Equal, New MacBook Air Using Scaled-Down Thunderbolt Chip

    Image Courtesy of iFixit

    According to AnandTech, Apple has decided to go with a scaled-down Thunderbolt Controller in the new MacBook Airs.

    The scaled-down Thunderbolt chip found in the new MBAs is referred to as Intel's "Eagle Ridge" controller chip, while the controller found in iMacs and MacBook Pros is called "Light Ridge." The smaller Eagle Ridge controller comes in two sizes, normal and small form factor, the MBAs contain the small form factor. What this means for consumers is the MBAs effectively have half the I/O power as the larger Light Ridge based Macs. Eagle ridge has two bidirectional Thunderbolt channels and one Display Port output compared to Light Ridge's four bidirectional Thunderbolt channels and two DP outputs.

    MBA users may feel snubbed by the smaller, and limited Thunderbolt chip, but it is also cheaper and smaller allowing it fit within the MBAs smaller chassis and price range. Eagle Ridge Thunderbolt controller chips could be the push the new I/O needs to appear in lower-end products and help legitimize it as a viable I/O option for other manufacturers.

    Source: AnandTech
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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Apple did the same thing with the iPod Touch 4G - they use the "Retina Display" moniker like it's the same thing as the iPhone 4's Retina screen. Yes, it has the same resolution, but that's where most of the similarities end.

      And I'll be damned if the Touch 4G runs at the same refresh rate/ clock speeds as the iPhone 4. Little things like that Apple conveniently forgets to mention.

      Apple is banking on consumers not knowing exactly what they're buying. This, coupled with the fact that they don't answer questions from the press, and Apple has a reputation for shady business practices that more people should be aware of.

      Be very cautious when buying from Apple - they have a lot to fear from the truth (if they didn't then they wouldn't hide it).
    1. syedsufyan's Avatar
      syedsufyan -
      its light peak
    1. MalayZN's Avatar
      MalayZN -
      haha just like the camera on the ipod 4g sucks soo bad too