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  • iPad 2 Inventory More Plentiful Than Ever

    During the months of April and May, yours truly penned nearly a dozen articles that touched on the inventory and supply issues that plagued Apple this past spring, particularly with regard to the iPad 2 arrival and its various international debuts. Once again, I'm addressing this subject - but this time I'm on the other side of the issue.

    Rather than harping on the latest shipping delays born of too much demand and not enough supply, I'm happy to report that all signs point to a more plentiful than ever inventory of second-generation tablets. Sound too good to be true? Check out Apple's website to see the revised shipping estimates for new iPad 2 orders - only 3 to 5 days.

    So what's changed? Demand certainly hasn't. In fact, demand has been consistently strong since the refreshed tablet was unveiled in March. And according to industry analysts, demand for the iPad 2 will escalate further as we approach the holiday shopping season. Helping matters is the reality that manufacturing has improved tremendously in terms of unit output and distribution (although iPads are still being shipped to customers directly from China).

    The consistent - and some would say unrelenting - global demand for the second generation Apple tablet makes it exceedingly difficult to imagine that a third generation iPad will be released (as the rumor mill presently suggests) this September - one full quarter before the iPad 2 would have had its first crack at availability during the holidays.

    Source: Apple
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    1. Mr. Russian's Avatar
      Mr. Russian -
      yay more ipads for evryone
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Gotta love the pads
    1. Hosko817's Avatar
      Hosko817 -
      It's not too hard to predict when the new ipad3 will announced. It will be out approximately 4-6 weeks after I finally cave in and shell out my hard earned money for an iPad2.
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      I'll pass.
    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      Didn't they already announce that it was coming out in Sept? Just like the iphone5 aka 4(S)?
    1. Trooper Sam's Avatar
      Trooper Sam -
      Wonderful! More iPad 2's in the supply line means more that will have their prices dropped when the iPad 3 comes out! I'm looking forward to getting a 64GB model for $399 like the iPad 1 I bought from Verizon.