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  • iPad Now Accounts for 1% of All Global Web Browsing

    Despite being released just last year, the iPad has profoundly impacted the way in which people around the world engage the Internet. According to the just published Net Applications' monthly figures, mobile devices (defined as mobile phones and tablet computers) now account for more than 5% of global browser usage (in the United States that percentage is higher at 8.2%).

    But the iPad alone represents a full 1% of that global chunk. In terms of the most popular mobile devices American users browse the web with, the iPhone continues to be the big leader, followed by Android phones, then the iPad, and lastly, BlackBerry phones.

    So what do we learn from this report? For starters, although the iPad is primarily used for multimedia consumption and a whole lot of video gaming and app enjoyment, iPad owners are clearly using their tablets for web browsing purposes more than most industry analysts realized ahead of today's telling new report.

    Although 1% doesn't overtly appear to be a large piece of anything, Stephen Shankland of CNET reminds us that small percentages can and do sometimes conceal large numbers. "Fractions of a percent are small, but given how many millions of people use the Web, each tenth of a percent represents a vast number of people in absolute terms," Shankland says.

    Source: NetMarketShare
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    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      1%? We created an article over 1%? Not very impressive. And in this case 1% is not concealing anything larger.....it's just 1%.

      And given the fact that Apple has now slipped to 4th in PC sales (iPad included).....I won't think to much of this article.
    1. wirehedd's Avatar
      wirehedd -
      It is a truly significant number for a singular device if you consider what percentage of the overall browsing is represented by any other SINGULAR device.

      What percentage do you think the Dell XPS15 represents? I'm pretty sure it would be a greatly reduced percentage.

      You have to look at this in a wider perspective as opposed to "...it's just 1%".

      What volume would 1% of the Pacific Ocean represent if you dropped it into a midwestern American valley region? You'd have the largest inland body of water on Earth.

      Big picture, not simple percentage values.