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  • iPhone App To Scan Skin For Melanoma Wins Startup Funding

    Startup Skin Scan has delivered an App it says can check the user's skin for melanoma, and it happend to be enough to secure 50,000 Euro in seed funding from Seedmoney.

    The app takes a picture of the mole on the skin, uses a proprietary algorithm to examine the triangle-like shapes of human skin, and then calculates if the shape of the mole is developing normally or abnormally into melanoma.

    While Skin Scan plasters the praise of a number of doctors on its site, this app by no means is an end all to figuring out whether or not you have skin cancer. At best it promotes an individual to see their doctor earlier, which has the potential to save lives. Perhaps the most interesting use of the App involves its use of geo-tagged location data. By asking for your current location it is possible that App could one day map skin cancer rates across the globe.

    The app is now available via the App Store for $4.99. Honestly, if something like this is ever going to take off it probably should be free. Especially considering the reviews via the App Store aren't too favorable right now.

    Source: Tech Crunch
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    1. joliano24's Avatar
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      What is the App name

      Skin scan
      Quote Originally Posted by joliano24 View Post
      What is the App name
    1. 240v's Avatar
      240v -

      I love these apps with crazy awesome ideas. I remember Trimensional being released it was like wow and now this. Man, theres infinite possibilites with smarthphones
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      i wouldnt give u 5 cents for it, nevermind 5 dollars.