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  • AT&T Leak May Point to LTE-Compatible iPad 3 Testing

    Speculation surrounding likely iPad 3 specs has died down in recent months for obvious reasons. Apple is clearly putting the lion-share of its time and resources into new cloud-based services and, of course, forthcoming next-gen iPhone and (probably) iPod touch refreshes. Still, we all know the iPad 3 will show up sooner or later (definitely later). And when it does, newly obtained leaked AT&T documents hint at what the third-generation tablet could deliver.

    From our friends at iFans:

    Lulzsec, the infamous hacking group, may have brought us at least one gem in their final hack attack. One of their recent targets, AT&T, had internal data compromised and leaked. It would appear that that data contained information about AT&Tís roll-out of LTE, their true next-generation data network (comparable to Verizonís already-launched LTE network).
    Based on the information plucked from the somewhat hazy and timeframe-less content within the AT&T files, testing of LTE-compatible iPad 3 technology is either abut to begin or planned for late 2011. "Testing," one passage notes, "will include activations, add stacked plans, add international plans, perform customer service functions using the LTE devices."

    Most analysts concur that an iPad 3 roll out won't take place until well after the start of 2012, most likely in the spring (consider last March's iPad 2 announcement) or, at the latest, early summer and in time for WWDC. Most supply chain sources and analysts agree that the third-gen tablet will come with improved display and, yes, LTE splendor.

    Source: iFans
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      confucious -
      Things change a LOT between now and release.Lulsec are good - but releasing this helps no one IMHO