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  • Custom Intel CPU Coming to New Mac Pro?

    Amidst swirling information regarding the Mac products that have yet to be refreshed with current-generation Intel Processors and Apple's Thunderbolt I/O, MICgadget.com is claiming that Apple may have a few tricks up there sleeves when it comes to Apple's top-tier computer, the Mac Pro.

    Among the information MICgadget offers is that Apple may be at work on it's own specific Intel CPU for the Mac Pro, this would drastically enhance it's computing capabilities, and may have something to do with a potential revamp of some sort of server offering from Apple. On top of that, they also claim that the 'server' configuration of the Mac Pro may come in a rack mountable case, possibly similar to the late Xserve line, which Apple ditched early this year.

    With the elimination of Xserve, the future of server hardware from Apple has been in serious doubt, but this info does offer a significant amount of hope that all is not lost for those who rely on such hardware. More specifically, a custom CPU might allow the Mac Pro to significantly outperform it's predecessors. MICgadget claims these CPUs are not found on any PC.

    I'd assume that the unique CPUs would optimize the machines for the Mac Pro's current double-duty as high-powered Personal Computer, and viable server hardware. We'll keep an eye out to any confirmation or denial of these claims.

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    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      Honestly been thinking about getting a xserver so if they come out with a mac pro ill ditch my imac and get one of these
    1. spazturtle's Avatar
      spazturtle -
      The sandy bridge cost Intel $10 Billion to develop, now you expect them to develop a new processor just for one Apple product?
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      I highly doubt this, as it would really make 0 sense. I am willing to bet apple will be getting Sandy Bridge - E processors (LGA 2011) for the next Mac Pro as those will be the only 6 core sandy bridge processors available.