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  • Indie Record Label Numero Opts-out of iTunes Match

    There may be a dark cloud on the horizon for Apple’s new iTunes Match service. The Numero Group, an indie record label best know for reissuing soul and R&B oldies but goodies, has decided that it’s in there best interest to opt-out of Apple’s forthcoming iTunes Match service.

    According to the Numero Group’s website, “we feel that a great risk is being taken by Apple and the major labels that have accepted the terms of this new product wholesale with not a thought beyond the 150M those so-called “big four” will probably divide and pay to their top executives. By that, we mean that laws that protect compositions and copyrights for songs are, more or less, being trampled under these agreements.”

    They sum it up by stating, “With that in mind, we have declined Apple’s invitation to iCloud.”

    Although the “big four” record labels represent the lion’s share of the music industry, they by no means, represent all of the good music that’s out there. Indie record labels may not be well served by Apple’s iTunes Match service if they aren’t compensated fairly through royalty payments. Most musicians by and large, have a difficult time making a living with their music alone, despite what most people think.

    Some worry that iTunes Match is nothing more than a way to legitimize piracy. The money collected through yearly fees of $25 per iTunes account, will hardly generate enough income to properly compensate an artist whose music is being matched and not purchased. Numero bluntly states, “we feel that Apple’s pittance is an insult.”

    Apple currently has all of the major record labels all on board and when iTunes Match launches in the fall, it’s sure to be a huge success. However, with Numero opting out, more indie record labels may follow suit and music lovers may have no recourse but to actually purchase music and not match it with iTunes. This may simply be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to matching indie songs. Only time will tell, but we should learn more as we get closer to the launch date of iTunes Match.

    Source: Gizmodo
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    1. epignosis567's Avatar
      epignosis567 -
      can't we just upload our stolen numero group albums then? theoretically.

      also, numero group is awesome! chitown repsent! sup! that's my boyz!
    1. transam7816's Avatar
      transam7816 -
      That's what I thought also epignosis567. I guess I don't understand the service
    1. pwnerman0311's Avatar
      pwnerman0311 -
      just make the torrenting community even larger =]
    1. jiniej's Avatar
      jiniej -
      if everyone used this service the 25$ fee would generate enough money for the artist
    1. gthugballin's Avatar
      gthugballin -
      25$ is better than 0$ stupid company.... lol
    1. slickric's Avatar
      slickric -
      i think i need to see itunes match in action to actually get it... i dont see a $25 benefit personally yet
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      lol love the picture
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      No offense but Apple has the 4 Horseman so to speak...who really cares about he rest haha! Not to mention piracy is still rampant...where theres a will, theres a way
    1. jeffhesser's Avatar
      jeffhesser -
      I wouldn't say it's legitimizing piracy but the match system is most likely a way for company big wigs to cash in on piracy a bit. most labels spend all their free time trying to make money of piracy anyways so seems like a win win. not like any of the money from those lawsuits went to artists so doesn't seem any different. the real winner in all of this is apple though, they basically paid off record execs so they wouldn't have to house more data than is absolutely necessary. The execs aren't wrong for taking the money though, not like this is will affect piracy in any way shape or form.
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      What a bunch of morons these indie record fools are. Do they not understand that they get absolutely nothing, not even a pittance, under Amazon's and Google's cloud music services? Shut up and accept what Apple is offering and acknowledge the fact that you won't be getting even the equivalence of Apple's pittance from the competing cloud services.
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      I understand where they are coming from, but it's still ignorant on their part to be completely against it by the assumption that all of the music that will be matched that has not been purchased through iTunes is illegitimate and pirated. There are plenty of other sources for music, such as Amazon. Is what they are saying that if we bought it somewhere else we can buy it again? That's trash. I understand that probably 90% of the music that will be matched that was not bought at iTunes is probably pirated, but it's kinda crap that the people who have to buy legit will have to buy legit AGAIN from iTunes, if they actually want it to sync to the cloud. This is essentially pushing to the "well, F it, should have just stole it in the first place."

      I feel like a lot of things have been pushing this way recently.
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      Funny, I might have checked out what they had but now, no chance. Embrace current tech or get left behind.
    1. carolinamic's Avatar
      carolinamic -
      Quote Originally Posted by epignosis567 View Post
      can't we just upload our stolen numero group albums then? theoretically.

      also, numero group is awesome! chitown repsent! sup! that's my boyz!
      I think that your right. Sounds like these guys didnt like the cut they would be getting. I think that they fail to realize that everybodies music that got descent radio play or was popular within the last 20 years is on the net, so if people want it for free they can get it.
    1. cmwade77's Avatar
      cmwade77 -
      Honestly, I would not purchase music that I already legally own through other methods, I would instead use Google Music or Amazon Cloud. I see these issues causing problems for iTunes in the long run.