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  • Apple Officially Intervenes to Back Devs Against Lodsys

    Less than two weeks after Lodsys began filing suit against iOS app developers on the grounds of patent violations, Apple has formally interjected itself into the legal mess by filing a motion to intervene in the proceedings. And according to FOSS Patents, which first reported Apple's decision to intervene, its hard to imagine why the court wouldn't grant Apple's motion to participate as an "intervenor."

    The app developers whom Lodsys sued appear to be bound by a non-disclosure agreement (which makes sense), so they can't speak out on their current relationship with Apple. While I don't have any confirmation from anyone that Apple has agreed to cover those defendants' costs and potential risks, it's hard to imagine how else this could work.
    While news of Apple's formal involvement is new, there's no mystery at all surrounding the nature of the company's legal defense. Apple has contended for weeks that Apple is, without a doubt, licensed to use the patents in question and that the app makers being targeted are also protected by that license.

    Clearly, the dev community is somewhat pacified by the fact that Apple is putting some muscle where its mouth is. The thought of leaving iOS developers to fend for themselves against Lodsys would not have rested well with developers - both those involved and not involved in this witch hunt by Lodsys.

    Apple, however, isn't the only heavy-hitter to fight back. Earlier this week, MMi reported that a Michigan company named ForeSee Results Inc. has filed a "declaratory judgment suit" against Lodsys' four patents with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The company wants to challenge the validity of the very patents Lodsys is referencing it its patent violation assertions against app developers.

    Source: Foss Patents
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