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  • Apple Bakes Giant Domain Name Pie After WWDC

    Apple may not own iPad.com, or ipods.com (not that they care, they appear to be phasing it out), but they did wait till the day of the keynote speech at WWDC to register "iospcfree.com" and nearly 50 other domain names associated with Apple products

    How I didn't have the foresight to register "iphonedocumentsinthecloud.com" or "macosxlionconversationreview.com" is beyond me. Can you imagine the amount of money someone could have made? I bet "icloudstorageapi.com" would be in real high demand right now.

    Sarcasm aside it is pretty amazing the amount of money some people have made off of domain name hoarding. Apple apparently bought "icloud.com" from a Swedish company called Xcerion for $4.5 million. Xcerion promptly renamed its iCloud service to CloudMe.

    Below is the complete list of domain names Apple registered in response to the major features they announced at WWDC:
    • airplaymirroring.com
    • appleairplaymirroring.com
    • appledocumentsinthecloud.com
    • applegestures.com
    • appleicloudphotos.com
    • appleicloudphotostream.com
    • appleimessage.com
    • appleimessaging.com
    • appleiosv.com
    • appleitunesinthecloud.com
    • appleitunesmatch.com
    • applelaunchpad.com
    • applemailconversationview.com
    • applepcfree.com
    • applephotostream.com
    • appleversions.com
    • conversationview.com
    • icloudstorageapi.com
    • icloudstorageapi.com
    • icloudstorageapis.com
    • icloudstorageapis.com
    • ios5newsstand.com
    • ios5pcfree.com
    • ipaddocumentsinthecloud.com
    • ipadimessage.com
    • ipadpcfree.com
    • iphonedocumentsinthecloud.com
    • iphoneimessage.com
    • iphonepcfree.com
    • itunesinthecloud.com
    • itunesmatching.com
    • macairdrop.com
    • macgestures.com
    • macmailconversationview.com
    • macosxlionairdrop.com
    • macosxlionlaunchpad.com
    • macosxlionmissioncontrol.com
    • macosxlionresume.com
    • macosxlionversions.com
    • macosxversions.com
    • mailconversationview.com
    • osxlionairdrop.com
    • osxlionconversationview.com
    • osxliongestures.com
    • osxlionlaunchpad.com
    • osxlionresume.com
    • osxlionversions.com
    • osxresume.com
    • pcfreeipad.com
    • pcfreeiphone.com

    Are there any domain names Apple missed and should have registered? Share below at your own risk, preferably after you've registered the domain to ensure no one steals your right to gouge a multibillion dollar company in order to pay for your retirement.

    Source: Tech Crunch
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    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      um, Apple does own ipod.com
      go there and see where it takes you
    1. Je5's Avatar
      Je5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      um, Apple does own ipod.com
      go there and see where it takes you
      He said iPod"S".com
    1. Phillip Swanson's Avatar
      Phillip Swanson -
      Quote Originally Posted by Je5 View Post
      He said iPod"S".com
      Boom roasted
    1. Stumbows's Avatar
      Stumbows -
      Quote Originally Posted by Je5 View Post
      He said iPod"S".com
      Yea don't you hate it when people only half read stuff and are quick to jump on the forums with the "awesome replies".
    1. TC316's Avatar
      TC316 -
      Good for Apple. It saves them the headache from having to pay somebody a ridiculous amount of money for the domain name that doesn't belong to them anyway....