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  • How To Make a OS X Lion Boot Disk

    The first question that popped into my head after it was revealed that Lion would be a download only upgrade was "what if I need a boot disk?"

    I've had too many hard drives crash, and had to reinstall too many operating systems to do without a physical boot disk. Plus I've never been one to tote around an external bootable hard drive. Thankfully creating a Lion boot disk is quite painless.

    Egg Freckles posted the following instructions earlier today.

    1. Purchase and download Lion from the Mac App Store on any Lion compatible Mac running Snow Leopard.
    2. Right click on “Mac OS X Lion” installer and choose the option to “Show Package Contents.”
    3. Inside the Contents folder that appears you will find a SharedSupport folder and inside the SharedSupport folder you will find the “InstallESD.dmg.” This is the Lion boot disc image we have all been waiting for.
    4. Copy “InstallESD.dmg” to another folder like the Desktop.
    5. Launch Disk Utility and click the burn button.
    6. Select the copied “InstallESD.dmg” as the image to burn, insert a standard sized 4.7 GB DVD, and wait for your new Lion Boot Disc to come out toasty hot.

    Now you know how to make your very own OS X Lion boot disk once Lion is available. You will be able install it on any of your Lion compatible Mac's like you did before the digital download revolution. And for the Macbook Air or Mac Mini server, which lack an optical drive, users can utilize Disk Utility's Restore function to image the Lion boot disc onto an external drive to perform a clean install.

    Unless you've got an early build of Lion, bookmark these instructions, copy them, or store them away in your photographic memory for future use when Lion is available next month.

    Source: Egg Freckles
    This article was originally published in forum thread: How To Make a OS X Lion Boot Disk started by Phillip Swanson View original post
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    1. dwkkwd's Avatar
      dwkkwd -
      Thanks for the info.Just copied for future reference.
    1. turkey26's Avatar
      turkey26 -
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      What is the best way to run lion mac in windows 7 operation system. and sorry if my post not in the right section
    1. staterunner180's Avatar
      staterunner180 -
      So it looks like there will be hackintoshes with Lion on them after all
    1. 51504rock's Avatar
      51504rock -
      This is some great info !!
      Thank you !!
    1. nullx8's Avatar
      nullx8 -
      Quote Originally Posted by joliano24 View Post
      What is the best way to run lion mac in windows 7 operation system.
      follow the steps show above, boot the Recovery system, Reformat the harddisc with HPFS ...then install Lion ... simple!

      no need for any windows :P
    1. lorderick70's Avatar
      lorderick70 -
      Kudos to Egg Freckles for the great info and thanks to Phillip Swanson for sharing!
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      Evernoted for future use. Thanks!
    1. ipony's Avatar
      ipony -
      was wondering about this, thank you. screen dumped for future references
    1. TheGrandFinale2001's Avatar
      TheGrandFinale2001 -
      That's cool. Great information, I was wondering if this would be possible. Now I would just like Lion to come out now already lol.
    1. VPrime's Avatar
      VPrime -
      Almost tempted to try this on my hackintosh.. Though I think I will just wait for my new imac to arrive instead
    1. bootloader's Avatar
      bootloader -
      Are we going to be able clean and install lion ?
    1. rocky1285's Avatar
      rocky1285 -
      can help me please. i want to that is it compatible with macbook pro 13 , intelcore 2 duo , mc374. can anbody plz tell me
    1. VPrime's Avatar
      VPrime -
      Quote Originally Posted by bootloader View Post
      Are we going to be able clean and install lion ?
      I haven't tried the lion beta yet. But I am going to assume that once it creates the recovery partiton you can launch it and clean install the OS.
      Anyone have any input on wether or not it works this way?
    1. Turnamental's Avatar
      Turnamental -
      Quote Originally Posted by staterunner180 View Post
      So it looks like there will be hackintoshes with Lion on them after all
      Yay!!! I knew someone was going to figure this out... Just didn't think it would be one day. Lol

      I hope Apple doesn't change this. I've been running a Hackintosh for quite sometime now...
    1. W1L5ON's Avatar
      W1L5ON -
      Not to make this sound or come across trolling, as i can see were some will want a bootable disc, but.

      Lion as Apple state's in the features article on the webpage,
      Built into Lion
      OS X Lion includes a built-in restore partition, allowing you to repair or reinstall OS X without the need for discs.

      Browse the web with Safari

      Recovery mode now includes the Safari web browser, so you can check your email or browse the Apple Support site.

      Reinstall OS X

      OS X can be reinstalled on your Mac from recovery mode.

      Restore from a Time Machine backup

      Use recovery mode to restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup.
    1. bootloader's Avatar
      bootloader -
      I hope apple will sell a install disk it's going to take forever to download 4.7 GB
    1. Turb02's Avatar
      Turb02 -
      For the hackintoshers...Isnt Lion 64bit only? I run a dell mini10v and would like to go to Lion but I recall someone saying on mydellmini that lion is only 64bit...am I wrong?

      I would really hate to have to download this over my 3G aircard as I get capped at 5GB/mo.

      FAIL for not selling discs.
    1. brownan's Avatar
      brownan -
      thanks for the tutorial
    1. shaquk's Avatar
      shaquk -
      The interesting question is: Should i upgrade my Snow Leopard iMac to Lion? Or do a fresh install? I am just vary of the 1million things i will have to reinstall, and its just going to cost me a day!!! What do you guys think? Fresh install vs upgrade?