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  • MobileMe Renewal Payments Being Refunded Before WWDC?

    WWDC is less than two hours away, and reports are surfacing that MobileMe subscribers are having their automatic renewal payments refunded.

    TUAW is reporting a reader, Steve M., had his checking account charged as usual for his automatic MobileMe renewal subscription. However, the charge was then immediately refunded back to his account. This comes after a number of users have cited changes in MobileMe's billing practices with their services being granted continuations past their given expiration dates.

    All of this makes sense given the assumed change to Apple's cloud based services, and falls in line with rumors suggested by the Wall Street Journal back in February that MobileMe would see a pricing change or even become free.

    Also, this seems to confirm reports earlier this week that suggested iCloud could be free at first as well. We'll all know in just a few hours. Stay tuned.

    Source: TUAW
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    1. Nick Hesson's Avatar
      Nick Hesson -
      I've been wondering if I should be holding out. I've noticed my Mail, Contacts and Find My iPhone are still functional well after my expiry of MobileMe.

      Hope to see some changes shortly!
    1. rwmeade's Avatar
      rwmeade -
      my mobileme expires on august 29, 2011. on december 18, 2010 i bought a new macbook air and also bought a renewal mobileme packet for 66 bucks. i wonder if i will get a refund...
    1. jmirizio's Avatar
      jmirizio -
      i went to go to my account page and it says mobile me is down for maintenance.
    1. Nick Hesson's Avatar
      Nick Hesson -
      Quote Originally Posted by jmirizio View Post
      i went to go to my account page and it says mobile me is down for maintenance.
      hmmm I have an expired account and it is still up and running. Im liking this so far.
    1. chavalozvi's Avatar
      chavalozvi -
      I was granted a free one year extension on MobileMe,