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  • iCloud Possibly Free At First

    The L.A. Times quoting "sources familiar with the negotiations" announced today that iCloud may debut as a free service, but eventually will be subscription based.

    The price? About $25 a year. A bargain if you ask me.

    Apple will share 70% of all revenue generated from iCloud with record labels, as well as 12% with music publishers holding the songwriting rights according to the L.A. Times' sources. Apple will take home the remaining 18%.

    The price point seems right, and Apple even conceded some of the traditional 30% of profits they like to take home from ventures like this. This is still all conjecture of course. All the cats will be let out the bag next week. Hopefully iCloud will be a fully functional and useful addition to the Apple ecosystem and not another MobileMe.

    The record labels have signed on, will we?

    Source: LA Times
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    1. zoso10's Avatar
      zoso10 -
      $25 per year is definitely a good price. Especially since MobileMe used to cost $99 per year.
    1. Asaphprod's Avatar
      Asaphprod -
      Quote Originally Posted by zoso10 View Post
      $25 per year is definitely a good price. Especially since MobileMe used to cost $99 per year.
      Definitely. I have MobileMe and I'm dying to see what's going on next week. However, other sites are reporting that apple's cut is the usual 30%. I don't really care if all I'm paying is $25 though.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Other news on this are also that there may be hints at Ads to support revenue too.
    1. brianlg's Avatar
      brianlg -
      is there a limit on storage? how can it just be ~$25/month when everyone has different sized libraries? Especially considering amazon is basically $1 per 1GB per month
    1. cockyjeremy's Avatar
      cockyjeremy -
      I wonder if this is going to replace MobileMe as well as the music streaming? If ALL of this is offered for $25 a year, that would be amazing.
    1. steeda763's Avatar
      steeda763 -
      Or you can just store all your own stuff on your own hardware for the reasonable price of free.

      I really don't get this cloud stuff -- people raise hell about privacy amid ridiculously trivial situations (anonymous tracking), but they'll jump at the chance to pay 25 bucks a year to upload all of their personal files to some faceless company? Unreal. I guarantee that no cloud service company is going to let that much personal info sit on their servers without a little bit of probing to "better serve the customer" in some vague way (i.e., targeted advertising).
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Yes indeed...
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      So I assume that you'll be able to stream ANY sony in the iTunes Store library, regardless if you've purchased it or not?
      Otherwise, if it's music you have uploaded or just music you've purchased from iTunes, then I don't see why you would need any deal with Record Labels.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Let's hope it stays at a low price
    1. iphone4idiots's Avatar
      iphone4idiots -
      I've never used MobileMe. Am I correct in assuming iCould is only for music and video files and you couldn't use it like iDisk to store pdf and word docs to use in Pages???

      Sorry this isn't the right place for this question, but it's similar. Is there a way to pull attachments in gmail into Pages without going through iDisk or iTunes?? Say I'm on the road and get an attachment. Can't I pull it into iBooks or something and then move to Pages to edit. At minimum there has to be a jb app for that right??

    1. coolguy742's Avatar
      coolguy742 -
      that's one heck of a bargain, does any1 know if it'll have data caps?