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  • MapQuest Supports iPhone. Falls Short.

    Back in the day MapQuest was the place to go for directions online. Feature full and easy to use it is still a great option today. Unfortunately for MapQuest they have been losing market share to Google Maps and don't control the market like they used to.

    Possibly to help stop that loss of market share MapQuest has created an iPhone version of its site including all the MapQuest features you already know with a more iPhone friendly interface.

    While the site looks slick and operates well it really isn't a match for the native Maps.app included in all iPhones. True MapQuest may have a nicer looking interface and awesome features like the gas price finder but it is missing one key element that Maps.app has on the iPhone 3g. Location awareness.

    Being able to get directions in the native Maps.app from your current location via the GPS in the iPhone 3g is just plain convenient. As a web app with out this feature the newly designed iPhone version of MapQuest falls short and is unable to really compete with the native Maps.app.

    If you want to use the iPhone version of MapQuest just got to MapQuest Maps - Driving Directions - Map in your iPhone's browser and the iPhone version will automatically load.
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