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  • Cydia Gets a Sweet Plug in the Washington Post

    Although it seems like there's already an iPhone app for almost any practical (or impractical) purpose imaginable, the App Store has a penchant for disallowing many proposed apps from reaching the holy grail that is their digital storefront.

    As we know, for all the apps that Apple doesn't want us to have, there is Cydia. And even though the existence of Cydia isn't news to us, it was probably news to many this morning when the Washington Post gave a surprising mainstream plug for the third party App Store alternative.

    The piece was picked up from Mike Keller of PC World and is very pro-jailbreaking. Great plugs for three popular taboo apps:

    : an app that enables users to automatically block calls from those placed on your personal blacklist.

    : a true blessing of an app that lets us download YouTube videos to our mobile device to watch in any coverage dead zone

    : an app that lets us jailbreakers install personally created themes or download any of hundreds to choose from through Cydia.

    To check out the article, visit: No App Store, No Cry: Great Apps You'll Only Get By Jailbreaking Your iPhone
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