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  • iPod touch With Camera Pulled From eBay

    Rumors of an iPod touch model with a built-in camera appear to be substantiated by the appearance of a couple of apparent prototype devices on eBay. If the iPods weren't just elaborate hoaxes, they were 32GB models with integrated cameras on the back. The photos accompanying the listing showed Apple lab stickers, and matched the supposed leaked prototype that appeared on the Web last September. They were quickly pulled down after they were noticed by 9to5mac, so we may never know for sure if they were the genuine article.

    The two iPod touches were listed as "parts," so it's not clear whether they were working devices or not. They had DVT-1 and DVT-2 identifiers, which recalls the "DVT" (for “design verification test”) sticker that appeared on the "lost" fouirth-generation iPhone prototype. The device designated DVT-2 also had a bar code label with the legend “Apple Development Team” on it. Also visible in one photo is one device running the Apple SwitchBoard app switcher, with utility apps like BurnIn and SkankPhone visible on the screen. These are internal Apple utilities used on prototype iPods and iPhones, though the photo is not proof in and of itself that the device was actually running SwitchBoard, of course.

    When the third-generation iPod touch was released, Steve Jobs had said that the device was too thin to accept a camera. However, subsequent teardowns revealed a cavity just large enough for a camera inside the housing, in exactly the location of the lens on the purported prototype that was depicted by MacRumors, as well as the website of the Covino and Rich tech talk show on XM satellite radio. The pictures of the devices on eBay exactly match the iPod touch that appeared on those sites, indicating that there's either a really persistent counterfeiter out there, or Apple's got another "drunk engineer" leaking prototypes to the world.

    image via 9to5mac
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