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  • Live Tagging On iPod Nano from Absolute Radio in UK

    A popular UK radio station has launched support for song tagging on the iPod nano 5G - the first European radio outlet to do so as a result of collaborating with Apple.

    The advanced iTunes tagging application enables iPod nano users in Great Britain to tag songs heard on device's FM tuner in order to later buy those particular songs in the iTunes store. From IT Pro Portal:

    The users will be given the opportunity to tag any song they hear on Absolute Radio from their iPod. This means that even if the users do not happen to know the name of the song, they will be able to purchase it online.
    Absolute Radio, which can be found on 105.8 FM in London, has been making headlines throughout 2009 for one digital endeavor after another, though this is the first involving Apple. Last month, for example, Absolute Radio introduced its own dedicated digital working group called One Golden Square Labs. But the station's latest digital initiative enabling song tagging is bound to blow any previous endeavor out of the water.

    Although the tagging feature has been available outside of Europe, only now is much of the world witnessing how the iPod nano 5G offers more than just a video camera. The ability to tag FM radio songs for later download is a refreshing concept to many.

    According to Absolute Radio DJ Christian O’Connell:

    Never again will people face the humiliation of trying to sing a song to their friends that they don’t know the name of. We can all be clued up music experts at the touch of a button and the new tagging service is such a simple but genius idea. You can tag songs on the go then put off doing boring jobs at the weekend by creating a playlist of your favorites and downloading the tracks you like.
    So will Black Friday sales be affected by a rush of new interest in the iPod nano? Just in case, a 9to5Mac blog entry was quick to point out that "iPod nano’s are available at ten dollar discounts on Amazon US today."

    It is interesting to see the levels of development iPod Nano has gone through since its launch in 2005. Now in its fifth generation, Nano today comes with a video camera, a first for MP4 players and it also comes in two 8GB and 16GB versions and even sports a larger, 2.2" diagonal screen.
    Absolute Radio teamed up with Unique Interactive and Jump2Go to create the tagging service.

    Image via UK Mirror
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