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  • "PhoneBook" Combines Your Phone and a Children's Book
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnZTul_9fWc&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - iPhone???????????PhoneBook?[/ame]

    In a novel use of mixed electronic and traditional media, Japan's Mobile Art Lab created "PhoneBook," a children's picture book that becomes interactive when you slide your iPhone into it.

    Using the phone's touchscreen and a switch that changes the scene when the page is turned, the book - currently just an art concept with no indication of when it may be commercially available - opens up new possibilities for interactive media. The art group's intent was "to create a new parent-child communication through the mobile (phone), and their website (auto-translation here) says that they want to extend the concept into "magazines and books," which could lead to more such experiments and -one hopes - possibly a product that you could bring home to your kid one day.

    This thing would be an incredibly popular Christmas present if it were on the market.
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